The more things change, the more we need to embrace principles that never change

Who should join?

B.Tech students.


Vedic Science Club will provide students a platform to lead life in a more disciplined way guided by the principles of timeless Vedic wisdom. By appreciating the perfection, simplicity and practicality of Vedic principles, our youngsters can mature into almost flawless human beings and thus achieve complete success in their endeavors of having an ethical, successful and fulfilling life. Many scholars and scientists like Aristotle, Einstein, and Newton etc. appreciated the ancient rich culture of INDIA. Vedic Science club will help the students to improve their self-esteem, confidence, concentration, regulation, time management and lots more by increasing their spiritual quotient.

Vedic Science Club will organize a series of workshops to address all four aspects of human personality – physical, mental, emotional and the most important; spiritual. Discourses on self-realization and cultural trips shall also be organized.

Vedic Science Club is already active in the institute informally for the last 3 years and students are showing a lot of interest in its activities.


The Vedic Science Club (VSC) aims at creating a generation of progressive young Indians who are rooted in our timeless culture.

To culture values for enhanced performance and sound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


  • To provide the students self-motivation to face the real life problems.
  • To provide the Yoga and meditation sessions to reduce the stress, anxiety and frustrations which are widespread among the students.
  • To provide the students sublime literatures to enlighten them with transcendental knowledge.
  • To equip the students with the techniques to purify and control their minds as well as bringing out them from various addictions.
  • To help students find real happiness and peace by bringing about a change in their consciousness.
  • To create a generation of progressive young Indians who are rooted in our timeless culture.

Major Activities:

Following activities will be conducted which will make students solve problems of real world by formulating their own ideas with a creative mind.

  • Motivational powerpoint presentations on building self-confidence, leading a meaningful life, etc. by quality speakers.
  • Educational trips to the ancient places of Vedic civilization.
  • Quizzes and debates on Vedic philosophy.
  • Yoga for happiness.
  • Meditation sessions.


  • Vedic Science Fest
  • Vedic Quiz
  • Workshop on ‘Secrets of Success’
  • Congregational chanting of the Holy names of the Supreme Lord.
  • Path of Perfection- Residential Workshop

Contact Us:

Location : C-405
For Registration:
Coordinator name: Mayuri basantani