'Apple-icable' for all the Techno-gurus of this era

Peepal leaves are said to move continuously even when there's no wind blowing, similarly the computer technology sector aims to grow despite competition.

Who should join?

All the students who are inclined towards learning basic fundamentals of Apple technologies. A complete package for those who aspire to become developers and are new to the Apple Macintosh environment.


  • Grabs basic knowledge of Apple technologies and MAC devices.
  • Providing a conducive environment to the students with high-end facilities for their research work.
  • Improving technical skills of students for iOS development.

Exposure to technology:

"Think Different" and get exposed to the 1st State-of-the-art dedicated Apple lab, among all engineering colleges in Gujarat.
  • Exposure to iMACs alongwith its divergent applications as compared to traditional systems.
  • Learning SWIFT programming language - latest technology from Apple.


  • Many MAC training sessions have been conducted in collaboration with iOS based companies, which in turn have given a good start to the careers of many students.
  • Due to the efforts of CE/IT department of Silver Oak College of Engineering & Technology, Apple OS course has been introduced in the final year syllabus of GTLJ, which has helped in the placement of many students in good companies.

Contact Us:

Location : Apple Lab, B-Block
For Registration:
Mr. Rikin Thakkar, Mrs. Hemal Patel
(B-005, Ground floor, Dept. of CE/IT, SOCET)